In modern production, automated manufacturing processes (pumping, stirring and automatic metering) are in the foreground. Here, the advantage clearly lies in the use of flowable raw materials. Wax dispersions are the means of choice.

Our TopAdd Liquids have unique properties and enormous advantages. Depending on the wax and solvent, our liquids contain up to 60% active ingredient. Our dispersions are available in both water (W) and methoxypropanol (MP). Individual solvent adjustments are part of our service. The wax particles are spherical and offer a unique feel.

The low viscosity of our dispersions allows easy incorporation (even after addition) through energy-efficient stirring (no shearing required). In addition, our liquids are characterized by high stability.

Less is more – Compared to conventional, low-concentration wax dispersions, you need up to 50% less dispersion when using our TopAdd Liquids. High storage and freight costs are reduced. Production costs are spread over a larger active ingredient.

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